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Tell me how a dachshund can grab your heart and never let go. Bubba, Jay Jay, and Bearbutt have instilled their footprints in our hearts forever. Bubba was so young and losing him has been a terrible shock. He could communicate unlike any dog we have ever had. He rolled his ball to your feet and barked until you picked it up and rolled it down the hallway. Off like a shot to retrieve and roll it back with his nose. He loved to play ball! At night, if he was asleep when we retired to bed, eventually, he would come to the bedroom door and give one shrill bark, which meant “let me in, please.”

Bubba loved to dig. He dug like he was trying to find China, or as though he was determined to pull a tree though the ground by the roots. Too often I made panic trips to the vet to remove a piece of bark from the back of his mouth. Eventually, I learned not to panic and was able to come to his aid. If only I could have helped him the day his back went out. The look in his eyes told me, this is really bad, please help. We miss you Bubba, you were so much fun and such a good-natured pup. Now you can romp and play with Bearbutt and get to know Jay Jay. You all earned your wings.

We love you,

Mom and Pops.

7/25/11 : Bubba’s mother commissioned an oil portrait of her beloved companion.